Born and raised in Darjeeling, in the foothills of Himalayas, India, ancient yogic philosophy and spiritual traditions was ever present in Sudershan’s childhood.  Growing up, satsangs, kirtans, & bhajans were part of his weekly schedule which propelled his passion for music, bhakti yoga and playing instruments.  

He pursued his academic studies at the prestigious St. Josephs College, North Point in Darjeeling and continued working in the Human Resource Industry in Bangalore and Hyderabad.  With an absolute love for his hometown, he returned to Darjeeling in 2012 after his short stint in field of recruitment.

Humble by nature, an innate leader and entrepreneur, Sudershan successfully runs Darjeeling Heights Homestay, well-known in the hospitality & service industry.  Proud of his roots and where he came from, Sudershan loves sharing his space and enjoys hosting his guests from all around the world, showing the true beauty of Darjeeling.  He enjoys genuine interactions with everyone he meets, valuing the human level & connection. 

Working with previous yoga establishments, Sudershan had the opportunity to meet like-minded people and different yoga teachers where he was introduced to the various yogic teaching methodologies, techniques, and practices. He witnessed first-hand how a simple 200hr yoga training program together with a balanced, sattvik diet makes a positive impact on an individual’s life.  With a strong passion and love for nature, trekking, and the outdoors, Sudershan is a firm believer in holistic healing through the practice of yoga, meditation, & proper nutrition.   Inspired by ancient yogic philosophy and traditions, his focus is creating a more eco-conscious community leading to happy, healthy and abundant lives for everyone.


Raised in Singapore & Malaysia, Tianna had an ongoing curiosity and innate thirst for knowledge nurtured since childhood, which propelled her to further travels and explorations around the world.  She ventured into multi-disciplined fields of marketing, advertising, education, fashion, e-commerce, retail, content and photography.  After many years in the corporate world, in 2009 she left her job and travelled solo around the globe, scouring more than 40 different cities in 2 years.  In this pertinent time, she awakened an inner love, higher consciousness and spiritual growth through following her bliss.  Tianna had always found solace and connectivity in nature, travel, yoga and music with a strong passion for outdoors & trekking.

She continued her journey visiting different retreats, ashrams, workshops, spiritual practices and various healing modalities, recognizing that all paths are all but part of a common thread, the ultimate oneness and truth.  Tianna found a deep holistic healing, self-awareness and inner transformation with the practice of yoga and meditation.  Her travels took her to India in 2017, where she completed her Yoga Teachers Training Courses (RYT500) certification in Darjeeling and Dharamsala.  Inspired by Vedantic teachings and ancient scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita, her focus is igniting the inner knowing, light & wisdom within oneself and connecting with our core being and authentic true self.   

An inquisitive student and a dedicated, natural teacher, Tianna teaches with compassion, warmth and love, committed to helping her students find peace, abundance, good health and happiness in their lives.  She loves leading Kirtans, embracing bhakti yoga & mantra chants, opening the heart with others.  Along her spiritual path, Tianna met her husband Sudershan, with whom she had the same vision of creating a more conscious, sustainable community.  They built their dream yoga shala in Himalayas with the aim of bringing people together from all walks of life to experience spiritual growth & transformation, founding what is known today as YogDaan Yoga.  

Tianna now lives in Darjeeling and Malaysia where she teaches Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Meditation (silent + active techniques), Pranayama –breathwork, and Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing in group and private one-on-one settings.


Born in a traditional, devout Hindu family, it was at an early age, that Vishnu started visiting Ashrams, Temples and Monasteries. There, he came across the profound understanding and teachings of Vedanta and the origins of traditional yoga.

From an early age,Vishnu began to question life. What it was, why, and where it was meant to go. Beginning to look inside himself and seeking the guidance of ancient sages and yogis, he began the study of scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, Mahabharata, the Ramayana and many others. Henceforth, well versed in eastern philosophy, he has a deep rooted respect and appreciation for the yogic science, life and its divine manifestation. His quest for reality taught him to live life as a beautiful, universal experience. Having accumulated a vast amount of experience teaching students from all corners of the world, his passion lies in studying and sharing the deeply rooted and vast philosophy of the Yogas, encouraging us to question reality and find peace deep within ourselves.

A charming and dedicated Yogi, a natural teacher, Vishnu’s humour is full of life, making his classes lively and stimulating. Basing his teaching of both hatha yoga practice and philosophy on ancient texts, his passion is felt and ever present.

Based in Darjeeling with his family, Vishnu also travels, teaches and conducts various courses and workshops in Varanasi and Czechia.


Born in a small town in Southern Bohemia, Bhargavi was introduced to spirituality at an early age. She quickly understood that life would be more difficult without it. Living in various countries throughout her childhood, has deepened her understanding of human anthropology and psychology, and lead to the affirmation that people everywhere really look for and require the same things; peace, health and happiness.

Transitioning to the practice of yoga asanas as a substitute for her rigorous ballet training in early childhood, it didn’t take long before she began to explore the philosophical side of what it means to practice and apply the art of yoga. Experimenting with different styles, she has always found firm footing in the traditional teachings of Hatha Yoga. Traveling and living in India, acquiring a variety of life changing experiences which have had a tremendous influence on ones growth, development, understanding and practice, both spiritually and existentially. After art school in London, she headed back to India for her teachers training course and never looked back. Trained in the tradition of Swami Sivananda Sarasvati, Bhargavi continued to train, practice, study and teach at Sivananda Yoga Dhanvanthri Ashram in Neyyar Dam, Kerala. Living in the ashram, she guided practitioners on their path to self-recognition, spiritual growth and happiness.

Striving to take care of others through the art of combining the physical with the philosophical aspects of the yogic teachings and working with both body and mind, to find and establish an equilibrium. Fortunate for being able to share the yogic teachings worldwide, Bhargavi has recently relocated to Darjeeling, India, where she lives with her husband Vishnu and their son Mahendra.

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