1. All students are required to inform YogDaan Yoga in application form and on registration of any medical condition or past illness/injury which may affect their ability to do yoga or participate in TTC course. Students must inform YogDaan Yoga management, staff, and their own teacher of any changes in their medical condition/circumstances.  YogDaan Yoga shall not be responsible for damage, loss, or injury during the course and will not be responsible for any failure to take any medical condition into account if the instructor has not been informed.
  2. All students must inform the instructor of any medical or physical conditions, recent or persistent injuries prior to the beginning of the class. YogDaan Yoga shall not be responsible for students who do not follow class instructions as provided by the instructor.
  3. YogDaan Yoga including owners, directors, management, staff, and teachers will not be held liable for any injury or harm resulting in participating or use of facitlities at YogDaan Yoga and any damage to or loss of students’ personal property.
  4. All students take full responsibility and retain control & direction over all their physical activities and voluntarily assume full liability and accept risk of harm, including physical injury and discomfort as a result of their participation in activities during the program
  5. YogDaan Yoga accepts no liability for any illness or injury that occurs to students or TTC participants during training, workshops, retreats, or classes.
  6. YogDaan Yoga reserves the right to refuse entry to the class or to the course of any student who has caused disruption to the class in any way or made it difficult for other students to enjoy the full benefit of the class.
  7. YogDaan Yoga will not be responsible for the safe keeping of valuables left unattended. All lost property will be disposed at the end of each term.
  8. YogDaan accepts no responsibility for cancellation, delays, changes, or losses caused by acts of God, war, and threat of war, accidents, natural disasters, closure of airports, civil strife, or any other events beyond our control. This includes illnesses, injuries, medical conditions of students and trainees developed during or consequent to the course as well as loss of, or damage to personal property during the course.
  9. If a training must be abandoned or interrupted due to exceptional circumstances there will be no refunds as all package TTC course fees paid in full are non-refundable. YogDaan Yoga is not liable fo any flight cancellation, rescheduling or delays.
  10. Photos taken by YogDaan Yoga during training, classes, workshops, retreats may be used in a promotional capacity such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, You Tube, organisation website etc. By agreeing to these terms and conditions all students & trainees give full permission for this information to be released. 
  11. YogDaan retains no liability for use of photos or videos taken by students of training or other trainees and teachers.
  12. Photos and videos taken by students and trainees during course/training or retreats/workshops/classes are deemed to be for learning and personal use only. Sharing this information with third parties or for financial gain without full permission of YogDaan Yoga is strictly prohibited.
  13. YogDaan Yoga website, logos, trademarks, content, training materials, manuals as part of TTC course, or workshop or retreats are the property of YogDaan Yoga. Using this information with other third parties or for financial gain without permision of YogDaan Yoga is strictly prohibited.
  14. All students and YogDaan Yoga TTC/Workshop/Retreat participants are expected to adhere and follow YogDaan Yoga policies and program guidelines and behave respectfully and courteously to other students, teachers, and YogDaan Yoga management and staff. The following may be grounds for disciplinary action and possible termination from the program and/or YogDaan Yoga School premises.
    1. Verbal or physical abuse of any person or conduct that threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person at Yogdaan Yoga.
    2. Theft of Yogdaan Yoga property or the property of any member of the YogDaan Yoga community at the premises.
    3. Willful or reckless damage to Yogdaan Yoga property or the property of a member of the Yogdaan Yoga community.
    4. Obstruction or disruption of teaching or other components of the academic process.
    5. Failure to comply with YogDaan Yoga policy at any time.
    6. Possession or use of controlled substances, illegal drugs, or alcohol on Yogdaan Yoga premises.
    7. Possession or use of any weapons on YogDaan Yoga premises.
    8. Harassment, Sexual or otherwise, or intimidation of any member of YogDaan Yoga community while on Yogdaan Yoga premises. This includes any behavior that creates a hostile or offensive environment for any student, employee, or guest of Yogdaan Yoga.
    9. Being Absent to any of the session without the prior permission from the teachers. The course is intensive and all the sessions are mandatory. The Yoga Teacher Training Course at Yogdaan Yoga is not a retreat, but an intensive learning program
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